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Migratory Birds Are Facing Increased Risks Due To Climate Change

Migratory Birds Are Facing Increased Risks Due To Climate Change

Global warming affects all aspects of life on earth — the air we breathe, agricultural systems, rainforests, and even bird migration. Yes, climate change affects bird migration in more ways than one. With warmer temperatures earlier in the year and less water, the timing of their travels, as well as their paths, are greatly affected. In fact, some scientists think that pretty soon, birds might not even migrate at all.

May 22, 2023

Many migrating birds are very sensitive to environmental changes and are already being affected by climate change. Increasing temperatures, changing vegetations and extreme weather conditions lead to significant changes of the birds’ essential habitats. In many cases these are likely reasons for the decline of bird populations and changes in migration patterns.

The ways in which migratory birds respond to these environmental changes differ across species: Generally speaking, short and middle distance migrating birds can adapt to climate changes more easily, whereas long distance migrants are at a disadvantage. Their migration rhythm is usually more fixed and they struggle with readjustment to changing temperatures. Because of this rigidness they suffer more from the impacts of climate change than other birds.

Climate change is likely to impact migratory birds in a number of different ways. Increased storm frequency, lowered water tables, higher drought frequency, sea level rise and habitat shifts resulting from climate change could all have a dramatic impact on migratory birds. 


What can we do?

Climate change is in progress, and it is clear that it is affecting our environment, by adding to the disarrangement of ecological balances. It is not only in the interest of migratory birds, but also in our own interest to protect all species on the planet earth against the impact of climate change.

Although the process cannot be stopped completely, we have the possibility to interfere. Everyone can join the fight against climate change every day: reduce the energy you use, turn off the lights, reduce heating and take up cycling. Check if the ministry in your country provides information on climate change – there are many have useful tips about what you can do! Start the energy-saving habit today!


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